13 things I’d tell my 13 year old self

  1. Leave your eyebrows alone!
  2. He won’t matter in a year’s time
  3. Don’t be afraid to show your intelligence
  4. Make more of an effort with your family, they won’t always be there and when they’re gone you’ll regret it
  5. You don’t need to act out to get the attention of others
  6. Don’t let them influence you to drink
  7. Eat breakfast and lunch
  8. Your style is YOUR style so wear whatever you want to wear
  9. Time isn’t going to magically speed by so stop wishing it would and live in the now!
  10. Stop comparing yourself to the other girls because you are all unique
  11. Your mum isn’t the enemy so don’t treat her like she is
  12. Start reading. In a few years it’ll be the thing that helps you escape
  13. Your health comes before your education and it always will

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