2013/14 were without a doubt the hardest, most painful years of my life but with 2015 only a few hours away, I wanted to focus on some of the positive moments from this year! So here we have..

Things I’ve achieved in 2014:

-I accepted that I’m ill and decided to give recovery a chance, which led to..

-..getting discharged from inpatient after 10 months!

-turned 18

-continued with medication

-joined the gym

-was a bridesmaid at my cousin’s wedding

-and wore my dress all day

-stayed at a hotel for the first time!

-stayed out of hospital (minus one blip)

-travelling on train/tube at first with company, then alone!

-eating, within reason, when my body needs to

-wasn’t as reckless with money

-realised that I can’t let other people’s negative emotions/opinions control mine

-got Taylor Swift tour tickets for June 2015(!!!)

-went to my CFS clinic appointment alone for the first time

-met up, multiple times, with friends

-learnt to say ‘no’

-allowed my mum to continue to have complete control over my medication

-got the tube home after an anxiety attack

-cut ties with people found triggering/unhelpful

-met the giraffe I adopted!

-had multiple emotional conversations with different family members, which were difficult but beneficial

-kept up with my regular appointments

-started seeing a recovery, this was a big deal because it meant adding someone new to my care team after such a long time

-made it through Christmas without engaging in negative behaviours

-I’ve finally put the phrase ‘choose your battles’ into motion

-accepted the loss of old friendships

-saw distant family members for the first time with them actually knowing about my illness

This was a difficult list to make because it’s extremely difficult for me (and most people!) to acknowledge my own accomplishments but I think it’s something everyone should start to do more of! So those are the things I feel I have achieved this year. I’m going into 2015 with a completely different outlook on life and hopefully this year will top all of my previous years! I’m most likely going to do a post in January where I set myself some goals for 2015.

With all that said, I hope, whatever you are doing, you bring the new year in with a smile. See you in 2015!