Today something big happened (bare in mind this is Molly big and probably not regular person big). I’ve been thinking about volunteering for over a year now but my anxiety has always gotten in the way. Recently my support worker has been helping me try and orginise something but I shyed away from that because I wanted this to be something I did myself, didn’t want help. Today I went into the charity shop and got talking to the manager who is a lovely middle aged man (very chatty and funny) and bought up the subject of volunteering. He asked when I was available and when I said Wednesday, he said that was perfect- he was looking for volunteers for Wednesday and Friday. I came away with a form to fill out and I start next week! I cant believe how everything worked out, my anxiety has improved a lot over the last two weeks but this is definitely the biggest step forward for me. I can’t wait to get started and gain some experience. I’m sure they’ll be an update on how it all went but for now, I’m happy!