I can’t believe that we are approaching the end of 2015 and I’m writing this list again! This year has been challenging but I’ve completed a lot and I’m very proud of myself. Also, this isn’t about boasting about what I have or haven’t done or anything like that- this is for me to look at and see how far I have come each year. So here it is, the things I have achieved in 2015:

-started volunteering in a local charity shop twice a week

-began driving lessons!

-started an online college course

-attended an open day and applied for actual college

-attended college support interview where I disclosed my mental health issues

-started my placement at a nursery

-stopped taking anti psychotics and mood stabilisers after 2+ years on then!! (obviously gradually/under my doctors supervision and because I was ready!)

-went to a barbecue my mental health team held for the staff and patients. This was probably one the hardest things for me to do and although I only stayed for 20 minutes, I went!

-used public transport with family, friends, and alone!

-when the charity shop I was volunteering at closed, I went into another shop alone and asked if they needed volunteers (they did!) and I started the next week. I’ve been there twice a week for 4 months now and I love it and the people

-travelled up North alone again. 15/16 Molly did this all the time but it’s a big deal for 19 year old me

-passed my theory test!

-met up with/travelled to see friends

-completed safeguarding training at the nursery

-celebrated (for me that means a meal, still no no to parties) my birthday with friends for the first time in years

-saw Taylor Swift live at Hyde Park (r.i.p me)

-accepted my weight gain. I’d still like to improve my fitness in 2016 but it’s not about being thin anymore

-travelled to Leicester to visit my friend for the day

These are the main things I have achieved this year and although it’s not the longest list, I’m very happy with how things have been! I hope that next year the list will be even longer! I plan to make a ‘goals for 2016’ post later in December or early January as I never got round to that this year. Merry Christmas 🙂


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