College ‘update’

Getting back into education is proving to be harder than I thought. I applied to start a childcare course in September 2016 and as I disclosed my mental illness on the application, I had a interview with the support department. The lady was really understanding and I felt very positive going forward, I didn’t feel like there was any judgment that I had been out of school for so long or about my illness.
The only thing that has been worrying me is a requirement of the course I’ve applied for. As I’m 19 and will be 20 in June, I’m too old for the 16-19 year old courses that most people go straight into from school. There is only one childcare course for adults (the one I’ve applied for) at this college but you have to be already be employed at a nursery. And I’m not. I volunteer at a nursery but obviously that’s very different to actually working somewhere.
Today I received a call from someone at the college, telling me that as I’m not in employment I don’t fit the requirements for the course. I thought, ok, that’s fair enough. He made a note on my file that they would contact me again in June and if my situation has changed (basically if I’ve started working in a nursery) they will put me down for the course interview. He then went on to ask me why I had a time out card on my file. (When I went to the support interview, one of the things the lady said might help is having a time out card that I could show in a lesson if I needed a break or needed to leave. I agreed, knowing that I probably wouldn’t need it, but it’s nice to know that I would have the option.) he said that if I needed to leave a lesson, what would I do if I needed to leave whilst working at a nursery. I left like he was implying ‘you aren’t ready for the work or the responsibility’ and that’s made me feel like shit.
I’ve decided to start looking into other colleges and courses in the New Year because with Christmas coming up I don’t want to be stressed out! I want to enjoy this time of year with my family.


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