I only have a few goals for 2016 but I wanted to share them here as motivation to complete them. Time seems to fly by so quickly and as I’m going into my last six months as a teenager, I hope I can make this year one of the best yet.

-pass my driving test
-start college
-go on holiday (hopefully to Disneyland)
-eat healthier and exercise regularly
-spend more time with friends
-increase my sessions helping at the nursery and continue at the shop
-do more ‘tourist’ things around London
-be more independent
-get discharged from mental health services
-write more



2 thoughts on “2016

  1. I really applaud you for making a list of your goals for 2016 as I think that lists are very empowering. Your goals also seem sensible and manageable and connected to becoming an adult. Good luck. Top of my to do list in 2016 is to find a suitable boyfriend and to take my blog to the next level by getting an agent. The only man I’ve dated in the last eleven years is an ex-armed robber, pimp and drug dealer who’d forgotten how long he’d spent in jail. We met in rehab and did not live happily ever after! http://bit.ly/1ER5cLY

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