20 things I’ve learnt in my 20 years

1. Your siblings will drive you insane. But they’re also built-in best friends for life 

2. Take lots of photos but don’t experience things through your phone screen

3. Don’t go window shopping, you’ll end up buying things you don’t want or need and will regret it later. Take a list! 

4. Money isn’t what life’s about but it is important so don’t throw it down the drain 

5. Do not give in to peer pressure 

6. A ‘broken’ heart won’t kill you even though you feel like it may 

7. You need food. You wouldn’t drive a car without giving it fuel, so why is your body any different?

8. Mental health is more important than everything. School, university and work will always be waiting when you are ready 

9. True friendships can be formed anywhere and with anyone 

10. And true friends won’t judge you

11. Makeup is great. It’s fun and helps your confidence but remember, appearance isn’t everything

12. Receiving flowers is lovely

13. First impressions are usually right but remember that people can change for better or worse so you’re relationship may change along with them

14. If you want to get to know somebody, ask what music they love

15. Books are the best form of escapism

16. Sometimes you just need a good cry 

17. Tears aren’t always a bad thing

18. Chocolate can *almost* cure anything

19. Try to go to bed early and wake up early. You’ll get more accomplished and won’t be as tired

20. Everything is going to be ok, if it’s not ok then it’s not the end 


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