A breath of fresh air

I’ve been up North for a week staying with family. Everything up here is so different, so relaxed compared to home. I have no worries when I’m here (although I’m sure if I lived here permanently that would be different) but I know as soon as I get off the train tomorrow, and step back into London, everything will hit me smack in the face.

London is so fast paced, we don’t really have time for anyone else’s problems unless they immediately affect us. People don’t smile at each other, no one starts conversations (in fact, I’d be worried if someone did talk to me for no reason) and it’s just the opposite up here. Everyone wants to chat, know how you are, etc, and although there are still the odd rude fuckers, it’s a lot rarer. 

Tomorrow, I really don’t want you to come.



“Somehow, I survived. Some days, I wish I hadn’t.”