Things I want to remember about Christmas 2016.

-Sio was wasted on Christmas Eve evening and kept calling me ‘trumpy’ after she thought I farted. She couldn’t stop laughing.

-she then burst into my room at midnight dressed in our matching Christmas PJ’s.

-it was our first year doing Secret Santa as a family and my sister and I both had each other- typical! We set the budget at £40 but think we all over spent. Ooops. 

-my sister got me pandora earrings in my birth stone but I can’t wear them as my current earrings are stuck in my ears! 

-‘good egg’ egg cup.

-mum and I cooked Christmas dinner (as always) and it was fab. 

-Alex’s first Christmas with us and he was hilarious.

-we played Scattergories. Jam sandwich, West Country potato’s, Sue, Steve, Shirley, Sean, etc, were a few of our favourite answers. 

-mum and I binge watched a weeks worth of Emmerdale and Eastenders.

-I wrapped mums birthday presents (for Boxing Day) and finished getting her iPod ready. We couldn’t wait to give it to her, her reaction was ace. 

-I have a mermaid tail blanket and I am obsessed.

-we FaceTimed the Northern lot and they showed us their new game, Pie Face, it’s hilarious!

-I said ‘Tilly keeps trumping’ mum stood up off dads recliner and let out her own massive one. Laughed for a good 5 mins.

-we drew our draw for next years Secret Santa, I have mum! Already planning her pressies.

-but most of all.. “it doesn’t matter what’s under the tree, it matters whose around it”. 


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