I was just googled a random question about my new piercing and it took me to a Reddit thread. Below the thread I was reading, was one titled “women who have been through mental health issues, how do you forgive yourself for the years you’ve lost?” Me being me, I obviously clicked on it. And the first answer I saw was this “to me they weren’t lost, they were spent learning how to be healthier”.

My intial answer, had I been asked that question, would be “I don’t know how to forgive myself” but what I better way to look at it. I sometimes believe that I wasted those 3-4 years but that answer just made me do a complete 180. In those years, I learnt that I have a fucking amazing family. I learnt that I really really love myself. I learnt that although it sometimes feels like time has stopped, it never truly does. And that’s beautiful. Right now someone is bringing a baby into this world whilst someone else takes their last breath. That’s the way our world is and that won’t change for anyone. 


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