We got our first ever dog just after I turned 12 and she has been my best friend ever since (8 years). She’s seen me through my best and worst times and I love her to death.

But she’s poorly. She has a spinal rumour, it was diagnosed about 3 years ago now and she has surgery to attempt to remove it 2 and a half years ago. It was unsuccessful, they couldn’t get all of the tumour so we have known that her symptoms would gradually get worse over time. We thought we’d be lucky if she made it a year after her surgery, yet here we are. I know she hasn’t got long left though and it’s breaking my heart. I just cried and held her tonight because I might not be able to for much longer. I never want her to suffer and I know that soon, we’ll have to make one of the hardest decision we’ll ever make. 

I love you Tildy. x


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