30 things to do before I’m 30

1. Go to Iceland

2. Hot air balloon

3. Open cinema 

4. Learn to play guitar

5. Spend Christmas or New Year in New York

6. Go ape

7. Write a book, published or unpublished

8. Go skiing or snowboarding

9. Run a marathon

10. Get a tattoo

11. Safari

12. Feed/meet giraffes 

13. Go to a festival 

14. La tomatina

15. Go camping

16. Throw a dart at a map and travel there

17. Skydive

18. Go to Maine

19. Fall in love

20. Universal, Harry Potter world, Disneyland Paris

21. See the Northern lights 

22. Move out

23. Do a zip wire 

24. Harry Potter themed party

25. Take my mum on a trip abroad

26. Eat vegan for a month

27. Volunteer

28. Spend a weekend in central London and truly explore it

29. Road trip around the country

30. Visit Italy


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