23/1/17- the day my heart broke in two

I can honestly say that I’ve never understood when someone complains of a broken heart, but as of today I do. My heart aches to even be typing these words.

For eight and a half years you have been my best friend, sister, side kick, companion, and baby. My heart broke today as we said our goodbyes but I am so happy you are at peace and no longer in any pain. I told you I’d never leave you and I was there until the end, my love. 

I remember thinking that we were doing a great thing, rescuing a dog, but it wasn’t you that was blessed, it was us- without a doubt. You brought so much love, joy, and laughter to our little family and I will love you forever. 

I can only hope that I will lucky enough to see you again, piggle, so until then- sleep tight xx 


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