It’s only a month into the year and I have already achieved (or am on my way to achieving) majority of my goals. I thought I’d post a little update. 

1. I have been discharged from mental health services! It’s been almost 4 years since this whole journey started and I’m so happy to put an end to that chapter. I’ll never forget it but I’m happy that it’s behind me.

2. I am booking my first proper holiday in 2 weeks! E and I are going to Iceland in October! I cannot wait. 

3. I started a new job in December so before I even posted the goals the goal was achieved! 

4. I’ve met a ton of new people at my new job and am loving it! 

5. I have lost a stone since starting my new job. It’s extremely active which means I have lost weight without actively trying (and also improving my fitness at the same time). 

All that is left is a car! Which I am in the process of looking into. I just need to compare prices as there are a few options. When I’ve got my car, I might make some new goals as I’ll still have a decent amount of 2017 left. 


4 thoughts on “

    • I cannot wait. Did you rent a car or use tours/public transport? We’re going for a week and have been thinking about getting a car for a couple of days at the end of our week (mainly so we can drive the golden circle). I’m nervous about driving in the different weather conditions though! X

      • We used public transport. But if we were going again we would get a car. You have more time to do things then. I would go back again as I loved it so much x

      • Yeah, I’ve heard the transport system isn’t great so I’m leaning towards renting a car but don’t know if it’s worth it for the whole week as we’ll being doing a few all day tours where they’ll collect us from our hotel. I would like the security of knowing we can drive where ever we want though, maybe we should get one for the whole week x

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