A big week

Yesterday, E and I booked our flights and hotel for Iceland! We are going in October and I’m beyond excited. We have decided to book a tour (or two) a month aka each time we get paid and I can’t wait to properly plan all the details now it’s set in stone that we are going! 

And today… I bought a car! Well, kind of. I’m leasing a new car (3 year lease- insurance, servicing included in one monthly payment) and today I put down my diposit so the order is officially in! I’ll get it in 6 weeks max. I can’t believe I’ll finally have a car of my own! And in just a few weeks. 

I’m so so happy with life right now. I’m working a lot which means I am so tired (all the time!) but I don’t even care, I am so pleased with my life at the moment.